Brand Strategy: Uncover Your Brand DNA - The Foundation for Success

Building a strong brand starts from the inside out. Our Brand Strategy service is designed to be a collaborative process, where we work closely with you to uncover your brand's DNA and develop a roadmap for long-term growth. Here's a detailed breakdown of what you can expect.

Consumer & competitor analysis

At Memoire, we emphasize the importance of consumer and competitor analysis. Understanding your competitors' offerings and strategies lets you capitalize on their weaknesses and refine your approach. This analysis helps set competitive prices, craft standout marketing, and innovate effectively. By keeping an eye on the competition, you gain insights to enhance your strategy, attract customers, and achieve a sustainable edge in the market. Let’s outsmart the competition together.

Campaign (digital & outdoor)

At Memoire, we create powerful campaigns that deliver results. Our coordinated activities across multiple digital and outdoor channels aim to boost brand awareness, drive sales, and engage your audience. By targeting specific groups with relevant content, we help you reach new customers and enhance your brand.

Brand story

At Memoire, we understand the power of a compelling brand story. It's more than just words—it's the emotional narrative that connects your brand with your customers. A brand story encompasses your company's history, mission, values, and the unique elements that set you apart. It’s conveyed through everything from your website and advertising to your design elements and customer interactions. A strong brand story not only attracts new customers but also fosters loyalty, making your business stand out in a crowded market.


At Memoire, we specialize in rebranding and transforming your brand’s identity to influence consumer and stakeholder perceptions. Rebranding involves updating your company's image, identity, and market positioning, including changes to your name, logo, packaging, website, and marketing materials. To get rebranding right, start by understanding your mission, vision, and values, and what makes your company unique. Let us help you refresh your brand to better align with your goals and captivate your target audience.

Public Relations

At Memoire, we understand that public relations is key to maintaining and enhancing your brand's reputation. PR involves crafting media, connecting with external outlets, shaping public opinion, and ensuring a positive brand image. It’s a strategic effort to build goodwill and mutual understanding between your organization and its audience. Effective PR increases brand awareness, credibility, and profits by aligning with your marketing objectives and ensuring a consistent message across all platforms.